Resistance is also to water a plant

A Friday morning, on our free day
We sat on a bus driving away
Passing checkpoints and beautiful hills
The view of settlements giving us chills

They said Ramallah was our aim
But Kafr Malik was the village name
Young people from all over the land
Came to the desert to dig in the sand

We were handed shovels and tree roots
And started walking different routes
On a high hill under the burning sun
We learnt these plants are not for fun

Olive trees will rise without a sound
Because this is a silent battleground
The olive tree, a symbol of Palestine
The branch itself a peaceful sign

Anyone else claiming this hill
Will know it’s against Palestinians’ will
These olives will not exist for their oil
But because they grow in Palestinian soil

Resistance is also to water a plant
Even when soldiers say that you can’t
The Palestinian youth is not going to break
Because this is land that no-one can take



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